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Watercolor Eye Study 1

While lately I have been working on oil painting, watercolor still feels like home to me. I am much more comfortable painting with it since that is mostly what I have used for years. Today's painting is a small little eye study, done on 4 x 6" cold press paper. Reference used from Lena Danya - she's an oil painter I support on Patreon. She sends out royalty free photo references each month to her patrons which is super awesome for inspiration.

I've listed the original of this painting in my Etsy shop here:

I've also started a new Society6 shop just for my people paintings and developing illustration. Illustration is something I'm working on behind the scenes as I try to tune my skills and eventually find my own style. Here is the new illustration/portrait print shop:

And my daily paintings (all kind of random paintings I do as studies) are available as prints here:…

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